Allegations of riot incitement against Trump are ‘cruel lies’


Former United States President Donald Trump has been accused of inciting riots by his lawyers.

They have also presented evidence in this regard in the Senate. Lawyer Michael Van der Vine has called the impeachment proceedings against Trump a politically motivated punishment.

Trump is accused of inciting extremists to riot at the Capitol building on January 8. However, he has denied the allegations.

Democrats say he could do the same thing again if he is not convicted in a Senate impeachment trial.

Prosecution prosecutors used the rioters’ own words on Thursday to find Trump’s complicity in the violence. They claim that the attack on January 7 caused long-term damage to the United States

Democrats have presented details of police, Capitol Hill and intelligence officials and foreign media to substantiate their allegations against the former president.

Trump’s lawyers will present their arguments on Friday. Donald Trump was impeached for the second time in the Democrat-led House of Representatives last month for inciting riots.

Allegations of that impeachment trial have been tabled in the Senate this week. Trump’s lawyers claim that when he complained about election fraud last month, he (Trump) exercised his right to freedom of speech.

Prosecution prosecutors have given priority to three issues to prove Trump’s guilt.

Violence was visible, Trump encouraged the violence and he planned the incident of his own free will.

Congressman Jamie Raskin, who has served as chief prosecutor, says Trump has undermined the rights of the American people by denying the election results.

The American people voted for President Joe Biden to defend the First Amendment to the Constitution. But Trump refused to accept that.

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