The Prime Minister of Israel is in court in a corruption case


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on trial again on corruption charges. He denied the allegations against him when he was produced in court on Monday. With this, 6 weeks before the election, this judicial process has created a new tension. The hearing against him was postponed several times on the pretext of coronavirus infection. Then the hearing began on Monday. At this time, he has given a formal response to the allegations. After that, the evidence and proof of the case should be checked and selected. This was reported by Al Jazeera online.

Netanyahu was charged last year. It said he had taken unfair gifts and the media wanted to give commercial advantage to the Mughals to publish news in his favor. If convicted, he would be the first Israeli prime minister to do so. But before appearing in court for the first time in May, the 71-year-old leader condemned the allegations. Said, these are fabricated, ridiculous. He claims he is a victim of hostility.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett reported from outside the court in Jerusalem on Monday. He said a large number of people had protested outside the court against Netanyahu. The court is scheduled to respond to allegations of bribery against him in three cases. Netanyahu may need to appear in court three times a week. Israel, meanwhile, is set to hold its fourth election on March 23 in less than two years.

When Netanyahu last appeared in court about nine months ago, he was an election winner, a French man. He was forming a coalition government with rival Benny Gantz. But that coalition government was not sustainable. Gauntz called Netanyahu dishonest. As a result, the alliance broke up in December.
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