Uyghur genocide ‘credible information’


There is credible evidence that the Chinese government is carrying out genocide against the Uyghur people. Its victims are mainly the Muslim minority there. This is stated in a 100-page document on official legal opinion published in Britain. The document was prepared by senior barristers at the Essex Court Chambers in London. Among them is Alison MacDonald QC. This was reported by the online BBC. This is believed to be Britain’s first official assessment of China’s actions against Muslims in Xinjiang. There are allegations that Uyghur women are prevented from giving birth. They are sterilized.

Abortion is performed. Uyghur children are forcibly separated from their society. The document emphasizes that the credible fact is that Chinese President Xi Jinping himself is responsible for these crimes against human rights. It said Xi Jinping was closely involved in the incidents. Genocide is being carried out there. However, Britain has no legal position on this issue. However, it can be used as a basis for taking legal action. Human rights groups Global Legal Action Network, the World Uyghur Congress and the Uyghur Human Rights Project commissioned the document. No money was paid for this. China’s foreign ministry has repeatedly denied allegations of human rights abuses against Uighurs in Xinjiang province. The Chinese embassy in London has claimed that anti-China Westerners are spreading fabricated news about Xinjiang.

If this assessment, that is, the allegations of genocide, is to be taken into account by the British High Court, then a new resolution must be passed in Parliament. Only then can British judges start a legal battle over this. The issue could be raised in the House of Commons on Tuesday. The government is making strong efforts so that it is not defeated.

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